What are Sustainable Supply Chains?
A supply chain includes the entire hierarchy of organisations, from resource providers to all processes related to production and distribution of goods.
A supply chain is sustainable if its activities can be supported by nature and society in the long term. It focuses on building long-lasting processes by establishing thresholds that acknowledge the limits of environmental and social resources.
GREENPACT addresses all agents of a supply chain, to ensure a sustainable strategy from raw material to your flagship product. Ease your environmental impact and position your company for strong growth!
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The European Green Deal
To urgently address climate change, environmental degradation and other worldwide threats, the European Commission sets a roadmap of strategies that will transform Europe into a resource-efficient and competitive economy and make it 100% carbon-neutral by 2050.
You can be at the forefront of this transformation, align your strategy to the European Green Deal values and have a significant impact on making Europe a global reference.
Discover the policy areas targeted by this initiative:
Clean, affordable, secure energy
Decarbonise the energy sector
Clean and circular economy
Create new markets for climate-neutral and circular products
Building and Renovating in Resource Efficient Way
Make buildings energy-efficient, invest in environmentally-friendly technologies and increase digitalisation.
Zero-pollution for toxic-free environment
Zero-pollution action plan to prevent pollution of air, water and soil.
Ecosystems and biodiversity
Restore degraded ecosystems at land and sea.
Farm to Fork
Ensure access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food.
Sustainable and smart mobility
Create cleaner, cheaper and healthier means of private and public transport.
Climate action
Become the world’s first climate-neutral continent
The UN’s Sustainability Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future.
Implemented by the United Nations, the 17 goals represent a call for action by all member-countries in global strategies that foster economic growth, address social challenges and protect the environment through a responsible use of our planet’s natural resources and promote sustainable urbanization practices with energy efficiency.
The SDG aim at a global action!
Meet the goals
Meet the goals